Before being diagnosed with sleep apnea, the disruptions of sleep can be difficult to deal with for the patient and their spouse. Both of them may feel tired during the day because neither one of them has been able to sleep well.

The patient feels tired because they haven’t rested well, and the spouse because the snoring keeps them awake. Fortunately, a sleep apnea dental appliance may give them both a good night’s sleep.


If you often feel tired when you wake up the next morning or have been told you snore in your sleep, then you may have sleep apnea. This condition requires a sleep study to receive a diagnosis. Once a diagnosis has been made, our dentist at Main Dentistry in The Colony, TX, will be able to provide you with a dental appliance for treatment.

People who have severe sleep apnea need to use CPAP devices that force air into their lungs to keep them breathing. However, if you have a mild to moderate form of this condition, then a dental appliance may be all you need to rest well at night.

The dental appliance is a flexible plastic mouthguard with a piece that keeps your airway open by moving the tongue and jaw forward slightly. The night guard is comfortable enough to sleep with it in your mouth, and it can put an end to your snoring and sleep disruptions. Without your snoring, your spouse or partner will also get a sound night’s sleep.


By using a nightguard, not only will you experience better rest, but it will improve the quality of your health as well. A lack of sleep can cause slower reactions, impaired thinking, and poor decision-making. It can affect your work life and the amount of energy that you have every day.

A custom night guard is also more comfortable than ready-made ones that you can find in some pharmacies or department stores. Also, they can prevent people from grinding their teeth at night too. If your doctor recommends a sleep apnea dental appliance, then our dentist at Main Dentistry in The Colony, TX, can help you get one.

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