Parents face many challenges in trying to monitor the health of their children. One of these challenges is to make sure that their children are taking proper care of their teeth. This is especially true for children whose permanent molars are newly appearing. Parents, of course, want to encourage independent brushing and flossing since excellent oral health habits are essential to avoid the effects of tooth decay. However, many parents find it challenging to oversee their children’s oral hygiene twice a day, every day.

Our dentist in The Colony, TX, wants to provide you and your family with the best preventive oral care. Dental sealants form a preventive barrier against tooth decay in molars, especially for young children. Our dentist near you will carefully apply a special coating to back teeth as a protective means to keep cavities from forming. Main Dentistry offers the protection of dental sealants for your children in The Colony, TX.


Bacteria, acid, and other forms of decay cause cavities in a tooth’s surface. Molars, in particular, have crevices on their surface that tend to collect food particles, which can be difficult to thoroughly. This can drastically affect children and their future oral health.

Covering molars with sealants reduces the risk of developing cavities in the surface of these back teeth. This is particularly beneficial for children as their back teeth newly emerge through the gums. During an appointment, Dr. Basawaraj (Dr. B) will apply sealant coating to the crevices of your child’s molars with a special instrument to ensure protection and prevention against tooth decay.


The good news for parents is that sealants provide protection to back teeth from material that causes tooth decay. This is excellent for children who tend to be more at risk for oral health issues. Sealants can save time and money for parents as cavity prevention, which would otherwise require future dental treatments such as fillings.

However, it’s essential to remember that sealants can’t prevent all cavities from forming. They don’t replace excellent oral health habits in either children or adults, so parents must still monitor their child’s at-home oral habits. Sealants are an effective measure of prevention against tooth decay only when paired with proper oral hygiene.

Sealants significantly lessen the effects of tooth decay in molars. This enhances long-term protection against cavities and helps children maintain good oral health. Contact Main Dentistry for information about getting sealants near you with Dr. Basawaraj (Dr. B).

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