Endodontics sounds like a big word, but once we break it down for you, you’ll realize it’s simpler than it sounds. At Main Dentistry in The Colony, TX, we can provide our patients with endodontic treatments. Endodontics involves several dental procedures and can be used to preserve natural teeth and take the pain away.

Patients who need root canal treatments or implants can benefit from endodontics. At Main Dentistry, we have the tool and experience to handle your endodontic needs. We don’t want you to worry. We’ll explain everything to you and make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.


Several things could necessitate an endodontics visit. If you’re experiencing frequent toothaches and/or increased sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks, you might need endodontic treatment. These are usually signs of root canal problems. The root canal is the part of the tooth containing the vessels and nerves supplying the tooth. It can also be referred to as the pulp.

Patients who had trauma to their teeth or require an implant would also benefit from visiting an endodontist. After examining you, recommendations will be made on the best course of treatment.


An endodontist will perform root canal treatments if they’re needed. Root canal treatments are done under local anesthesia to eliminate any potential pain. After the anesthesia kicks in, the work starts by exposing the pulp and removing any infected or decayed tissue. Once that’s achieved, everything will be returned to normal, so there are no defects in your gums.

Interested in getting an implant? Endodontics includes the installation, maintenance, and repair of dental implants. Implants are a great way of replacing missing teeth because they’re the closest thing we have to natural teeth so far.

Somehow ended up with knocked-out, loose, or broken teeth? We can take good care of you. Don’t panic, and remember to breathe. We’ll do our best to preserve your natural teeth. If that’s not possible, we’ll recommend several restorative options, and you can choose from them based on your preferences.

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