Veneers have become a large part of cosmetic dentistry. A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain or other material that is bonded to the front surface of an existing tooth to improve its appearance. When you notice celebrities or other public figures that appear to have a perfect smile, it’s most likely due to veneers.

However, it’s not just well-known people that benefit from veneers. Main Dentistry offers veneers in The Colony, TX, as a method of improving the appearance of your teeth and brightening your smile.


Veneers are a cosmetic dental procedure designed by our dentist near you to create a professional and nearly perfect-looking smile by enhancing the appearance of your teeth. Though veneers can be costly, they strongly bond to your teeth and offer several benefits compared to other cosmetic procedures. These include:

  • Looks natural
  • Corrects minor shape issues in teeth
  • Is resistant to discolorations and stains
  • Enhances whiteness of teeth

With good oral care and attention, veneers can last several years. Our dentist in The Colony, TX, will help you maintain your veneers for excellent long-term results.


A veneer is a cosmetic restoration procedure performed by Dr. Basawaraj (Dr. B) on one or more relatively healthy and intact teeth. Therefore, your teeth must be without serious decay or damage to get veneers. Since veneers cover the front surface of teeth, most of the original tooth material is left in place.

For a veneer to adhere to a tooth, there must be enough enamel for the veneer to bond to it. During this process, our dentist in The Colony, TX, will ground down some of your tooth surfaces to allow the veneer to bond effectively to the enamel. Any pain from the grinding process is alleviated with local anesthesia. An impression of your tooth is created to make the veneer. Finally, Dr. Basawaraj (Dr. B) bonds the veneer to the tooth enamel with special cement that hardens in place.

The appearance of your teeth can affect how you smile. Contact Main Dentistry for information about veneers near you and other cosmetic procedures.

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