Dental emergencies can be scary and can happen at any time. Most people are often unprepared for a dental emergency since it can be unexpected. Therefore, it’s essential to know what to do if you or your family require emergency dentistry in The Colony, TX.

A dental emergency requires getting proper services immediately. Postponing treatment can result in life-threatening outcomes. Therefore, understanding how to get help from our dentist near you is crucial. If you require emergency dentistry near you, Main Dentistry is available to help.


A dental emergency means that life-threatening symptoms, such as excessive, unstoppable bleeding and/or compromised breathing, are present. Without immediate treatment, the patient could face serious consequences. Dental emergencies may also include severe tooth or jaw pain, swelling near the mouth or jaw, or loss of any permanent teeth.

It’s important to watch for these emergency symptoms in patients who have recently had oral surgery, an oral infection, or injury to the head or jaw areas. They are at a higher risk for complications to their oral health and should be aware of how to receive emergency dentistry in The Colony, TX.

If any emergency oral symptoms are present that include excessive bleeding that cannot be stopped or compromised breathing due to oral swelling or jaw injury, call our dentist in The Colony, TX, immediately for emergency services. Urgent dental symptoms, such as severe pain or tooth loss, should be addressed as soon as possible with an in-office visit. However, any life-threatening conditions should result in immediate emergency treatment with Dr. Basawaraj (Dr. B).


The goal of emergency dentistry is to address any life-threatening symptoms that pertain to the mouth or surrounding area. Our dentist near you may provide short-term pain management, methods to reduce swelling, or initial treatment of injured teeth as part of emergency dental services.

Contact Main Dentistry to learn more about emergency dentistry near you. Make sure that you and your family are prepared for emergency dental services if they are necessary. Follow up with Dr. Basawaraj (Dr. B) if you have received emergency oral care.

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