During routine dental exams and cleanings, our dentist near you will identify if you have any dental cavities. Small holes that develop in teeth as a result of tooth decay are called dental caries, also known as cavities. Though they are common, what many patients don’t realize is that cavities cause permanent damage to the surface of your teeth. To repair the damage, the affected teeth require restoration using fillings.

If Dr. Basawaraj (Dr. B) does find a cavity, the tooth must be treated to avoid further damage due to tooth decay. Typically, this treatment requires a filling. Main Dentistry offers fillings in The Colony, TX, as a means of restoring the health of teeth affected by cavities and decay.


If our dentist in The Colony, TX, identifies any dental caries, the decayed part of the tooth is professionally removed. Dr. Basawaraj (Dr. B) will use a numbing agent for the area surrounding the affected tooth in order to avoid any potential pain. Then a dental instrument is used to remove the decayed material.

When the decayed portion of the tooth has been removed, it must be replaced by a filling so it can function properly and protect against further damage. Material is applied to the clean cavity area to “fill” it, and the filling is shaped to create a professional result. Once the tooth is polished, the cavity is eliminated, and this completes the affected tooth’s restoration to health.


Fillings are essential to restore oral health to teeth with one or more cavities. However, the best course of action is to avoid cavities in the first place. Practicing good oral hygiene to prevent tooth decay can help so that you don’t require fillings.

Good oral care habits include:

  • Regular and thorough brushing and flossing
  • Maintaining biannual visits with Dr. Basawaraj (Dr. B) for routine examinations and cleanings
  • Avoiding sugary foods and drinks

Finding out you have a cavity can feel stressful, but fillings are an important part of restoring and maintaining good oral health. Tooth decay doesn’t resolve on its own and worsens over time. Therefore, fillings can also help patients avoid serious problems in the future, such as increased decay and gum disease. A cavity will get progressively worse unless it is treated. Contact Main Dentistry for information about dental examinations and fillings near you.

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