How Long Does It Take for Extraction Gaps to Close with Braces?

How Long Does It Take for Extraction Gaps to Close with Braces?

April 1, 2022

Gaps between your teeth are unwanted spaces between two or more teeth. For example, some people might have a single tooth called diastema, while others might have several gaps. Orthodontic intervention helps treat gaps between the teeth with a combination of orthodontic and prosthetic work.

Issues arising from gaps between teeth are comfortably treatable with Invisalign by experienced orthodontists to correct the problem and create healthy and correctly aligned smiles for patients of different age groups. Please continue reading to learn more about gaps between teeth and how orthodontic treatment helps correct the problem.

Know about Gaps between Teeth

Gaps between the teeth are extra-large spaces between two or more teeth. When your teeth cannot emerge correctly or are pushed out of alignment, you may develop gaps between the teeth. Your teeth, instead of touching each other, are spaced too far apart with room in between.

If you have merely one gap Between your front teeth, consider yourself fortunate you have diastema because other people may have gaps between several teeth. The spaces between your teeth can adversely affect your teeth, mouth, overall health. The gaps might also cause embarrassment or dissatisfaction with your smile to impact self-confidence.

Causes for Gaps between Your Teeth

Several factors are responsible for causing gaps between your teeth. Some of the most common causes are the following:

  • Natural skeletal development causes your teeth to emerge with gaps.
  • Extra teeth push your remaining teeth out of their correct positions.
  • Missing or extracting teeth creates significant gaps or causes your other teeth to fill the gap incorrectly.
  • Losing baby teeth prematurely causes the permanent teeth to emerge misaligned.
  • A large jawbone creates too much space for the teeth and gaps.
  • Too large a tongue causes the teeth to flare and creates spaces between them.
  • Periodontal disease causes bone loss between the teeth and leaving them mobile and shifting to cause gaps between them.
  • Spaces develop because of high frenum attachment.

External factors also cause gaps between the teeth with habits like thumbsucking and tongue thrusting. The practices can push your teeth out of alignment, causing gaps to appear over time. In addition, if you lose a tooth or have one extracted, the teeth neighboring the gap can shift into the vacant space.

Gaps between the teeth can be corrected regardless of the cause. However, you might need orthodontic intervention and prosthetics for the correction with orthodontic treatment preceding prosthetic correction. Traditional braces and Invisalign effectively close gaps if provided by an experienced orthodontist.

How Braces Help Close Missing Tooth Gap?

Braces pressurize your teeth and supporting bones to cause your teeth to move in close the gap created by a missing tooth. It is why orthodontists attach brackets to your teeth with wires, bands, or elastics. The attachments function like power chains or coil springs and provide pressure to the bracket to your teeth. The force provided helps move your teeth to the desired position.

Invisalign treatment in Colony, TX, is a reliable, effective, and comfortable method of treating a gap between your teeth when supervised by an experienced Invisalign provider.

Clear aligners have gained popularity throughout the country because they can achieve similar results as traditional braces without displaying metal in your mouth. In addition, they don’t need frequent visits to orthodontists for adjustments because the clear aligners need replacements every two to three weeks. The treatment with Invisalign is discreet and successfully connects gaps between teeth for teenagers and adults.

If you are looking to close gaps between extracted teeth, it helps if you understand holes in the lower jaw require more time to complete than gaps in the upper jaw. The total time required may extend from a few months to an entire year. Therefore you must discuss your specific requirement with the dentist in Colony, TX, to have all the information you want and make an informed decision.

Whether you developed gaps between your teeth due to natural reasons or external factors, rest assured that the embarrassment you currently experience is treatable by the Colony dentist. If you wish to close the gaps in a hurry, the dentist might recommend traditional braces with power chains to expedite your treatment. If you are prepared to wait for a few months, you can close the gaps using a discreet method available from Invisalign and overcome the embarrassment you experience discreetly. However, you must prepare yourself to endure the gap for some time until it eventually closes.

Gaps between the teeth are comfortably treatable by dentists and orthodontists. If you have an opening from an extracted tooth, please visit Main Dentistry to close it with a suitable remedy.

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