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Oral Design

As a certified member of Oral Design, Dr. Basawaraj has the required skills and techniques to give you a smile that not only looks better, but makes you feel better as well. Dr. Basawaraj is one of the few handpicked individuals around the globe who have the experience and mutual interest in aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry. When designing a new smile, Dr. Basawaraj takes into consideration your skin, age, temper, hair and other physical traits that surround your teeth.

Convenient Hours & Location

Our clinic is open from Monday to Saturday at convenient hours, and is located right next to Highway 121.

Relaxing Environment

Your comfort matters to us. We have massage chairs, flatscreen TVs, and relaxing music to put you at ease.

We Handle Your Insurance

Filling out insurance forms can be a headache. Leave them to us! We’ll take care of the paperwork.

You're In The Best Of Hands!

We have specialists onsite for oral surgery, as well as a variety of sedation options to give you peace of mind.

We Love Our Customers

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We Look Forward to Helping You Maintain Healthy, Beautiful Smiles!