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What are the purpose and symptoms of having wisdom teeth?

What are the purpose and symptoms of having wisdom teeth?

When everyone ends up undergoing a wisdom tooth extraction, you must be wondering what the purpose of a wisdom tooth is. Wisdom teeth appear at the back of the mouth on each side of each jaw.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom tooth removal becomes necessary as they can push on nearby teeth, looking to grow, which can result in severe pain, overcrowding, misalignment, etc.

What is the purpose of a wisdom tooth?

Our great ancestors used to eat tougher and rougher foods back in the day. They needed their wisdom teeth to bite and chew these foods.

Wisdom teeth also acted as replacement teeth when the other teeth fell or were worn out. Today, with the evolution of oral hygiene and our diet patterns, the purpose of these wisdom teeth is defeated.

What are the symptoms of new wisdom teeth coming in?

If you experience any of these symptoms, it may mean that your wisdom teeth are coming in.

  • The most common symptom is increasing pain behind your molars at the back of your mouth.
  • Other symptoms include redness, swelling and/or tenderness around the spot where the wisdom teeth are coming in.
  • In some instances, the infection can also occur around that area. This is because wisdom teeth erupt through the surface of the gum and allow bacteria to enter.
  • If you are experiencing severe pain or infection at the back of your mouth, this might be due to impacted wisdom teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth occur when the jawbone or surrounding teeth do not let the wisdom teeth to erupt.

Wisdom tooth removal becomes important as wisdom teeth can impact your oral health and lead to significant complications.

If you need to undergo a wisdom tooth extraction, you may consult with our experts at Main Dentistry.


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