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Our office remains open for those who are in need of help with their dental health.
We are following the ADA and CDC's guidelines to ensure our office is as safe environment for all patients and staff.

If you have a dental emergency, or an urgent dental situations requiring treatment, Please call us right away at : (972) 370-1200.

Periodontal Treatment / Periodotitis in The Colony

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Periodontal Treatment

In the early stages, patients often do not realize the are experiencing gum disease. Early symptoms can include gum sensitivity, irritation, and bleeding. As the disease progresses, it can result in bone degradation and tooth loss. In the early stages, a routine cleaning may be enough to reverse the effects, though advanced stages require more aggressive treatment. During scaling and planing, Dr. Basawaraj will remove pockets of bacteria from below the gum line and gently smooth the rough patches on the tooth roots to help prevent the spread of disease.

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Our clinic is open from Tuesday to Saturday at convenient hours, and is located right next to Highway 121.

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We have specialists onsite for oral surgery, as well as a variety of sedation options to give you peace of mind.

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