The Incredible Benefits of General Dentistry

The Incredible Benefits of General Dentistry

June 1, 2021

Would you prefer to contact a dental specialist located in another part of the town if you or a family member needed any dental treatment in a hurry? You may have information that your oral health can affect your overall health. Whenever you or a family member confronts any dental issue, you must search for a “dentist near me” to find a dental professional located in your vicinity. The goal of finding a dentist nearby is to get the dental treatment needed without delay, regardless of whether the issue is concerning or minor.

It is for you to understand you don’t need to visit dental specialists for every dental issue affecting you. In any case, out of the 160,000 dental professionals in America, nearly 80 percent are general dentists providing incredible benefits to most Americans. Searching for a dental specialist helps if you are confronting a challenging issue requiring help from a specialized professional. If you need routine cleanings, the dental hygienist near you performs a credible job than a dentist sitting far away in another part of the city.

Would you like to learn about the incredible benefits of general dentistry? Please continue reading for all the information you want on this dental specialty.

General Dentistry Treats Any Dental Issue

Whether you need routine dental exams and cleanings to eliminate plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth and gums, general dentistry in the Colony can help you manage the issue efficiently. The general dentist evaluates your teeth, gums, and other soft tissues in your mouth, searching for bacterial buildup besides other issues. The general dentist also provides tips to help your oral hygiene regimen at home.

General Dentistry Focuses on Prevention

Preventive dentistry is incredibly essential to avoid issues like oral infections, oral cancer, and various other dental complications. When you visit a general dentist for regular cleanings, the professional evaluate your mouth for any conditions, including oral cancer, and even polishes your teeth after the cleaning to leave you with gleaming white teeth. The cleaning procedure ensures you don’t have stains on your teeth preventing you from smiling.

Detecting Cavities

With advances in dentistry available to all professionals, general dentists have the tools necessary to detect cavities in their earliest stages. Professionals in general dentistry use x-rays and intraoral cameras to detect micro-cavities, gingivitis, and other infections to provide prompt treatments and reverse the condition in many cases.


General dentists don’t merely detect infections or cavities in your mouth but are also qualified to treat them efficiently with dental fillings of various types. The dental professional uses a silver amalgam or tooth-colored fillings providing patients with an effective restoration for their decayed teeth. Some people are affected by bruxism which causes them to clench and grind their teeth when sleeping, causing damages to their teeth. General dentists can restore teeth damaged by bruxism with tooth-colored fillings enabling patients to have full functionality of their teeth after restoration.

Caring for Your Overall Health

When your oral health is not in optimal condition, your overall health is also impacted. You become susceptible to various health complications needing treatments from medical professionals instead of merely the general dentist.

An issue like gum disease, when left untreated, can infect your bloodstream to cause issues like heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, et cetera. Instead of confronting multiple health conditions requiring treatment from various medical professionals, isn’t it better to maintain your oral health in optimal condition by seeking advice from general dentists whenever you can? We are confident you believe similarly and will not hesitate to contact the Colony general dentistry practice as soon as possible with your entire family.

Why Must You Prefer General Dentistry over Specialists?

Specialists in various fields of dentistry like pedodontics, endodontics, pedodontics, et cetera are professionals who have a list of clientele requiring specialized treatments like dental implants, root canals, and children’s dentistry. Visiting them is not only challenging but is also expensive for minor treatments like needing dental cleanings, which they likely wouldn’t entertain.

On the other hand, general dentistry professionals are prepared to offer treatments to any patients without reservations. You can quickly contact a general dentist confident with the knowledge that you will receive the treatment you need when you visit their dental facility. Best of all, the remedies provided are affordable compared to specialists who tend to charge higher prices for their services. It is why you must prefer a general dentist over others for your specific needs.

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