The Battle of the Clear Aligners: Invisalign Vs. Candid

The Battle of the Clear Aligners: Invisalign Vs. Candid

December 1, 2022

Invisalign VS. Candid

Invisalign is a popular brand of clear teeth aligners introduced in 1997. Its popularity has heightened over the years due to advancements in the beauty and cosmetic industry. It has provided many patients with an aesthetically-pleasing alternative for shifting teeth instead of getting metal braces.

Candid, a lot like Invisalign is a brand of clear teeth aligners that improves teeth’ alignment and positioning. The brand was launched sometime in 2017 to better service provision in orthodontic dentistry. The idea behind Candid aligners is to eliminate too many middlemen between the patient and access to orthodontic aligners for shifting teeth. Instead, it introduces a virtual approach to realigning teeth.

Similarities Between Invisalign and Candid

Unless you are keen to inquire, you will hardly notice the difference between Candid and Invisalign in The Colony, TX. Some of the areas they are similar are:

  1. Aesthetics – both teeth aligners are transparent, making them virtually invisible when you wear them. They allow you to flaunt your smile even as you undergo orthodontic treatment.
  2. Custom-made aligners – both Candid and Invisalign aligners are customized to fit your smile. Usually, the orthodontist will take impressions of your mouth to create a mold that helps customize your teeth aligners. The consequence is that your clear aligners will fit well, optimizing your comfort while moving your teeth.
  3. Removability – you have the freedom to eat whatever you want when you get Candid or Invisalign aligners since they are removable.
  4. Wear time – both teeth aligners require a wear time of about 20-22 hours daily. It allows them to apply continuous and controlled pressure on your teeth to cause necessary changes.
  5. You must wear retainers after your treatment – although different types of retainers may be used for Candid and Invisalign teeth aligners, you must get them to hold your teeth in place after you complete your treatment.

Benefits of Invisalign

  1. They are ideal for correcting mild and moderate alignment issues – you do not need to get metal braces when Invisalign can get the job done quicker.
  2. They are popular clear aligners – therefore, their accessibility in different parts of the world is better than alternative clear aligners.
  3. Wide range of treatment – Invisalign teeth aligners can have more complex teeth alignment issues than Candid. It is possible because Invisalign uses special elastics and attachments or buttons that assist the shifting of teeth.

Benefits of Candid

  1. It works quickly – you will not have to endure long months of orthodontic treatment to achieve your desired smile.
  2. No monthly office visits are necessary – if you dread frequent dental visits, Candid teeth aligners are ideal. Instead of visiting us at Main Dentistry each month, you can rely on the CandidApp or CandidMonitoring™ telehealth platform to liaise with your orthodontist for remote monitoring in the comfort of your home.
  3. Flexibility and convenience – when you begin your orthodontic treatment with candid aligners in the Colony, TX, your orthodontist will simplify your treatment by sending your all of the aligner trays you will need throughout your treatment.
  4. Efficacy – Candid teeth aligners are cost and time effective. Since most of your orthodontic treatment occurs online, it saves time and money involved with typical orthodontic procedures.
  5. Candid is cheaper – it costs about $1,895 to $3,300 to get treatment with Candid aligners, compared to an estimate of between $3,000 to $8,500 for Invisalign.
  6. Whiter teeth during and after treatment – every Candid purchase comes with free whitening foam that can help maintain a white and bright smile. The better news is that the whitening foam also disinfects the aligners to keep your breath fresh.

Invisalign VS. Candid: Which is faster?

One of the main comparisons patients care for regarding clear aligners is their ability to realize desired results quickly. While both Invisalign and Candid are effective for moving teeth, dentists in the Colony, TX, agree that Candid aligners are faster than Invisalign. It should take 4 to 12 months to fix your smile with Candid aligners instead of 12 to 18 months with Invisalign. However, various factors weigh into the success and speed of your treatment, including the complexity of your malalignment.

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