Could Anxiety Be Causing Your Sleep Apnea? What to Know and How to Treat it?

Could Anxiety Be Causing Your Sleep Apnea? What to Know and How to Treat it?

March 1, 2023

Sleep is something that rejuvenates your whole body system and prepares you for the hustle of the day. Lack of sleep causes so many health issues in people. For example, they might not feel fresh after waking up in the morning and their ability to concentrate on things gets distorted.

There could be many possibilities that may cause sleep issues in humans. In many cases, anxiety is the cause of sleep apnea. There would be a long list of people interested in knowing how sleep apnea is related to anxiety. Let us discover that below, along with how to address this issue.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a disorder where people have breathing problems. In this particular health issue, people wake up tired, sleepy, and irritated. In most cases, people suffer from obstructive sleep apnea due to throat muscles blocking – partially or entirely (in severe cases). The effects people have if they have sleep apnea are as follows:

  • Snoring.
  • Repeatedly waking up for no reason.
  • Gasping for breath.
  • Daytime grogginess.
  • Feeling tired.

If you feel any of the symptoms above-mentioned, you should go and get your health checked because undiagnosed apnea may cause many other serious health problems:

  • Heart failure.
  • Stress.
  • Headache.
  • Strokes.
  • And Coronary heart diseases.

Can Anxiety Cause Sleep Apnea?

The answer to the question is there for debate. But if we talk in general, patients with anxiety and depression are difficult to treat because they can cause uncontrolled sleep apnea.

We can’t say anxiety is a direct cause of sleep apnea. But it is responsible for causing a lack of sleep. There are many results of studies
available that show anxiety affects the quality of your sleep and the hours of your sleep. If you have anxiety, try to reduce your sleep apnea completely.

Is Lack of Sleep Cause Anxiety?

Anxiety is the condition of constantly worrying and imagining things that do not happen in reality. If you have anxiety disorders, there is a 100% chance of turning the condition worse if you lack sleep.

Sleep apnea (which is known as lack of sleep) can cause anxiety. If there are issues already, they may get worse. So, lack of sleep is something that requires immediate attention and cure. In this particular health condition, whole brain processing becomes a mess. Your physical body will also not process efficiently.

One can use a sleep apnea dental appliance in The Colony to cure their condition. But before buying it, one should go to a professional to choose the right instrument according to their needs and requirements.

The Role of HealthCare Team in Treating Anxiety and Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is very hard to diagnose. If you have an undiagnosed, there might be a possibility for anxiety disorders, which will impact badly on your body and mind. If you feel any of the symptoms mentioned above, you might have this health issue. You should consult the related professionals as soon as possible. It’s because the later you will go to get treatment, the worse the situation will become.

Your healthcare team will work on your sleep patterns. If there is mild sleep apnea, they will only suggest lifestyle changes. But in case of severe ones, they will use a few devices to open clogged and closed airways.

After checking your condition, your healthcare team will make a particular treatment plan to combat the situation. As there is no sleep test or anything available to conclude sleep apnea, you must check your sleeping patterns.

Based on your sleep history and the discomforts you are dealing with currently, professionals will work on their treatment plan. Make sure you cooperate with your healthcare team. Doing this will help you to overcome the situation quickly and early.

Get Help from Our Team to Fight Your Anxiety Today

Both anxiety and sleep disorders are dangerous and can make your life miserable. If you are experiencing something wrong with your sleep and have doubts about having sleep apnea, immediately start searching for a professional dentist near me. He/she will evaluate your case and recommend you the best techniques to fight anxiety effectively.

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