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Professional Cleanings

Good daily hygiene and biannual professional cleanings are the foundation of sound oral health. During your routine cleanings and exams at Main Dentistry, Dr. Basawaraj will remove the harmful bacteria, plaque, and tartar that can build up on your teeth. X-rays may be taken, and your dentist will conduct a visual exam to look for the early signs of decay and gum disease. Your dentist will also check for tissue abnormalities that may be a sign of oral cancer, and can order a biopsy if necessary. With our thorough cleanings and exams, you can enjoy the benefits of clean, beautiful teeth while maintaining excellent oral health.

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Our clinic is open from Tuesday to Saturday at convenient hours, and is located right next to Highway 121.

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Your comfort matters to us. We have massage chairs, flatscreen TVs, and relaxing music to put you at ease.

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Filling out insurance forms can be a headache. Leave them to us! We’ll take care of the paperwork.

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We have specialists onsite for oral surgery, as well as a variety of sedation options to give you peace of mind.

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